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    If you are the proud owner of a beautiful labradoodle puppy, you probably have a lot of questions about how you are meant to approach raising this dog and taking good care of it. Whether you are hoping to train your dog as a service dog or a therapy dog or just want a good companion for your family and your children, you should take the health and nutrition of your labradoodle puppy seriously. After all, dogs might not be humans but they are still mammals that require good health and nutrition as well as proper care to become the well adjusted and intelligent creatures that you want them to be. Studies have demonstrated that early neurological development and work are just as important to your puppy as health concerns can be, so working hard to keep your labradoodle puppy socialized and well cared for in a multiplicity of ways can help you achieve the greatest possible health and socialization for the dog that you so love and care for. Part of this process includes working with the best possible nutritional options as suggested by labradoodle breeders in order to give your dog the kind of health and lifestyle that you want.

    One of the suggestions that Beverley Manners- the founder of the labradoodle breed- has offered to those looking to give their labradoodle the best possible nutritional profile is go http://www.highlandsaustralianlabradoodles.com/raw. Incorporating raw food into your labradoodle puppy’s diet can mean giving your labradoodle puppy the kind of nutrition that they can properly digest. Manners puts forward that there is really no need to measure or weigh the food that your puppy eats. She says that giving your Australian Labradoodle puppy as much food as he or she wants, because the appetite of the dog will vary from day to day. Be thoughtful and remember that your dog’s appetite will vary, just as yours does. Just because your dog did not want yogurt today does not mean he or she will not want yogurt tomorrow. While some dogs are considered to be picky or fussy because of what they turn their nose up to, you should always trust your dog’s instincts, because he or she knows what he or she needs in order to be satisfied. Offer your dog lots of variety when it comes to their nutrition.

    Something that most people do not realize is that you should always feed your young puppy as much as he or she wants to eat at each meal because this will help spur their development one. Manners suggests that you give your dog raw, meaty bones to help spur on the development of your puppy. While many people choose to buy dog food to feed their pets, you can easily feed your dog with the food that you would feed your family. Scrambling eggs for breakfast? Add in another for your dog. Have some leftover toast? Go ahead and give it to your dog! Have some cubed cheese? This is perfect for treats! It is easy to make food for your dog when you feed yourself!

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    hard money loanA hard money loan is a type of loan that a person can take out against their real estate in order to invest in another real estate property. When dealing with a hard money loan, the lender will loan money to the borrower based on the current value of their home. The money that is loaned out must be used for the borrower to invest in another type of real estate that is intended to be a source of income. An example of that would be a commercial real estate property, or a residential property that is intended to be rented out and not lived in by the owner. Hard money loans tend to have very high interest rates because there is a great deal of risk that is being taken on by the lender. It is important to keep in mind that if the lender is taking on a great deal of risk, that means that the borrower is also taking on a great deal of risk. Whenever a person is taking out any kind of loan, but especially a hard money loan, it is very important that they do their research to be sure that they fully understand what they are getting themselves in to before they sign their papers. It can also be very helpful to speak to a trusted financial advisor if you are considering taking out a hard money loan.

    If someone does wish to take out a hard money loan, Montegra Capital Resources, LTD. is a great place to get started. Montegra Capital Resources, LTD. is a private money lender that specializes in hard money loans. They have been around for more than forty three years and have earned a reputation as a trusted source for private lending throughout the state of Colorado. Montegra Capital Resources, LTD. offers a variety of different hard money loans. Below is a list of some of the most common types of hard money loans that they offer.

    1. Hard Money Land Acquisition Loan

    This is a type of hard money loan that is used to purchase a plot of undeveloped land. Banks do not often grant loans for undeveloped land because there is a high risk that is involved with such an investment. At Montegra Capital Resources, LTD. you can get a land acquisition loan quickly because there are so many less hoops to jump through.

    2. Cash Out Loans

    Cash out loans are unique to hard money loans because banks will not grant them. A cash out loan is a type of loan that can be taken out against the value of a person’s home that can be used for something other than the improvement of their property.

    3. Value Added Loan

    A value added loan is a type of loan that is typically granted for a property or building that has higher than average vacancy rates. A value added loan can be used to improve the overall value of a property and to increase the cash flow of said property.

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    http://www.cannlabs.com/our-services/testing/potency/It is apparent for anyone living in the United States to see: the medical marijuana industry is growing at an incredible rate.  This growth has led to many advancements in the industry, both in terms of different strains of marijuana and in the ways in which medical marijuana is now being consumed.  The medical marijuana industry’s growth has also led to an increase in the amount of knowledge people have of marijuana.  Today, scientists, with cannabis potency testing, can determine which cannabinoids are active in a particular plant, how potent they are, and what will happen to a person when this particular plant is used.  This type of information simply wasn’t readily available just a few decades ago.  One of the great things about cannabis potency testing is that it provides more detailed information for patients, doctors, businesses, and consumers.  This detailed knowledge better enables doctors to provide dosages for patients, and it allows consumers to better understand what the effects of using a particular product will be.  In other words, it educates people about their marijuana consumption and allows them to make more educated, and thus smarter, decisions about their marijuana consumption.   As was mentioned earlier, there are many new ways in which people are consuming medical cannabis.  Cannabis potency testing can help people determine how they should consume cannabis to achieve a particular medical result.

    Before jumping into which type of consumption is best for a particular person, it is first important to understand the different ways people can consume medicinal cannabis.  The most common way to consume it is by smoking.  The cannabis is lit on fire and the smoke that results is inhaled.  Vaporizers are another common form of consumption, where rather than breathing in smoke people breathe in vapors.  This decreases the stress that is put on the respiratory system.  Edibles, such as brownies or cookies, are another common form of cannabis consumption.  Capsules are a new and common form of consumption as well.  Tinctures are another common form of consumption.  A tincture is a marijuana extract that contains alcohol or glycerol.  It is easy to administer in doses because you use it in drops.  Marijuana can also be consumed in a topical form, via a lotion or some other substance.  Patches, similar to nicotine patches, are another common way of consuming marijuana, as are nasal or oral sprays.  The last common form of marijuana consumption is concentrates, which are typically smoked or vaporized.

    All of these different types of marijuana consumption contain marijuana at different potency levels.  For example, a marijuana concentrate will contain a THC potency well over 80%, while smoking the plant itself is usually about 8-20%.  Depending on your medicinal needs, you will want one or the other.  If your headaches are incredibly severe, then a stronger potency will be necessary.  Understanding the different potency levels of edibles and buds will help you and your doctor determine how you should be consuming marijuana to meet your medical needs.  Consulting with a CBD test lab is a great idea to determine a good potency for your needs.

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    Weddings are very important to many different people. Of course you are going to have a scrooge or two who will balk at the idea that weddings can hold any sort of importance and yet they seem to be tapping their feet under the table in glee when screening potential musicians to play during their wedding reception. It has to be said that while each of us has our own varying degree of desire and expectation around weddings, there is a little wedding entertainmentsomething in each one of us that warms to the idea of having, let’s say it, a party to celebrate your life long commitment to one another. Couples may have polar opposite ideas about their wedding throughout the entire planning process – other than hopefully the “I do” part – but there is something that all couples agree on: there has to be music. What is a wedding without music? Music is such a beautiful way to show people how much you care about them. Not only partner to partner but also for the people who are coming, nay, traveling to your wedding. There is a reason they do a father/daughter dance at every wedding. There is a reason people wear their dancing shoes with their pretty dresses and suits. Wedding Crashes wouldn’t have been much of a movie with the music, now would it?

    Now that we have decided that most people care about the music that will played at their wedding, let’s talk about the different kinds of music you can have at your wedding: DJ or live music. While it might seem as if those are two simple and easy-to-choose-from options, they speak very different languages. However the good thing is that no matter who you are, there is music that is enjoyable to you even if it perhaps is not so enjoyable to others. Hey, it’s your day and you get to pick whatever kind of music that you like. Be it your high school’s garage band or the worst DJ in town. However if you are wanting to find a wedding bank or DJ that will really rock the socks off of your Grandma Rosa, all you have to do it look up A Music Plus.

    A Music Plus is one of the most respected wedding entertainment companies on the Front Range. With access to some of the best and most diverse pool of wedding bands and DJs, every couple and their families and friends will be sure to be happy and completing entertained with whatever A Music Plus provides. They understand that from a young age a lot of youngsters think about what they would like their weddings to be like. A Music Plus has enough options for you to find what you have always dreamed of and of course what will make even the scrooges of the world happy as a clam when it comes to their big day, well other than the more obvious reasons. Don’t overlook the importance of your wedding. A Music Plus will help you make your special day even that much more special.

  • Finding yourself in the dead of winter with two feet of snow on the ground and a broken water heater is about the least pleasant thing about being a homeowner, as just about any homeowner www.drftps.comwill tell you. Regular maintenance and preventive checks can catch some of the problems ahead of time and give you the opportunity to fix them, but other times, there is simply no way to know that your water heater is going to break. However, once it is broken, that is where we come in. Below, you will find a checklist of how to find the right water heater repair company for you and your home.

    • First, you will want to ask around to your friends and family. Find out if any of them have had broken water heaters or had to hire a boiler repair person, and get the vendor’s name if they had a good experience. Combine that with an internet search of boiler repair or tankless water heater repair in your area, and visit the websites of the first handful of vendors who show up. Many of them should have reviews from previous clients and a twenty four hour phone number you can call in an emergency.
    • Second, you are going to want to get a few different quotes. If the basic services such as a visit to the house for an inspection are not on the website, you will want to call and ask all of the relevant questions about pricing. This includes the emergency water heater repair, the visit out to the house, and the equipment itself, among other possible charges. Make sure you get at least three different quotes from different vendors, as well as their different estimated times of completion.
    • Third, go back and check their reviews and compare it to their quotes. If one of the boiler repair vendors is significantly higher priced than the others, but has consistently better reviews all around, it might be because you are paying for a higher quality level of service than with the others. You will have to make some judgment calls here, but generally speaking past clients are the best possible source of information. If you can find them online, even better. If you had friends or family members who used them and raved about them, you are probably even a few steps ahead of the average homeowner.
    • Fourth, you are going to need to weigh the cost with the reviews and the estimated time of completion. Some water heater repair vendors can guarantee service within twenty four hours, but others are unable to, and the one that is unable to might be the one with the best possible service based on reviews. If you can wait a couple of days and shower at the gym or go without showering even, then go ahead and wait for the better priced and better reviewed vendor, such as DRF Trusted Property Solutions. The ultimate decision will have to be based on your wallet and your time frame.
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    Before you even can consider what to look for in your window treatments you need to find the best place to find your window treatments. There are a number of different options for window treatments shopping today. First you have your local store locations which are often times a good choice if you want to browse through some of the options and touch the fabrics to see what feels good. Going to a local window covering store might be a good option at times but store bought window coverings are often much more expensive because you are not buying them directly from the distributor. For many people, spending the time to drive down to a store on their weekend or free day is also not a very attractive prospect. The best way to shop for window covering today is probably online. There are tons of great sites where you can see thousands of window coverings options in just minutes and the prices are very hard to beat. Online sites such as www.blindsgallery.com offer a wider selection of window coverings and at a better price than your store options. If you find something you like, you can have it sent right to your home, a real plus for people who don’t have loads of extra time. Once you have found where you are going to shop for your window coverings, it is time to go over the qualities you want to see in a window covering.

    First of all, you want to go with a well known brand that you can trust. Online you are bound to find several options for window coverings that are close in style. Your first instinct might be to just select the window covering with the smallest price tag but this choice might be more of a hassle than it is worth. Leading brands such as Hunter Douglas offer hundreds of styles in window coverings that are built to stand the test of time. Many of the Hunter Douglas models might appear to be similar to other brands but after only a few months of use you will notice the difference in quality. Two sets of drapes might seem to be almost equal, but those that were made from quality materials and those that were made from the cheapest materials available are not going to perform the same. Go with a trusted brand and you will spend less in the long run.

    The next thing you want to look for in functionality. Some window treatments are very attractive on the display shelf but when they are set up in your home you find out that they are not very practical. Curtains that are hard to close, drapes that snap under the slightest pressure, these are the troubles you will face when you select a set of window coverings that look nice but which were not designed with real day to day use in mind. As soon as you get a new set of window coverings you should test them out to see if they work well, if they start to have problems right off the bat then send them back immediately.

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    http://www.thebeadchest.comSome people just an eye for what looks good.  Other people have an eye for creativity.  Some really special people out there have both.  Those people are the ones that create things that you come across in art museum, and find yourself staring at for several minutes, struck by the beauty of it all.  Many of these special people, who are creative yet also talented at making things look great, don’t create art pieces, but rather love to create pieces of jewelry.  To do so, many of them have to turn to glass beads.  They use these beads to create all sorts of things, from necklaces to bracelets to decorations on pieces of clothing.  Some people think that all of the same bead looks great, while others like to mix things up.  No matter what a person’s particular preference, though, it is important to understand that there are many different shapes of glass beads.  Here is a list of the six common shapes of glass beads.

    1.  Bicone.  The bicone shape is one of the most common for glass beads.  It essentially looks like two cones that have been joined at the bottom, so that the pointy part is pointing out each side.  This style of bead looks a little more fancy than some of the others, and it certainly has a little more going on.  They are great to use on pieces of jewelry if you want to break up a pattern, because they are easily noticeable when put next to other beads.

    2.  Disk.  This shape for glass beads is also incredibly common.  The best way to think of this is that they really do look like a disc, or a very tiny UFO.  To put it another way, they look like a bicone but without the two pointy parts sticking out each side.  They are quite round around the middle but smooth on the top, so they do not take up much room on any piece of jewelry.

    3.  Cylinder.  This common type of bead is shaped exactly like it sounds like: like a cylinder.  They are much longer than the other shapes, so they will take up much more room on a particular piece of jewelry.  Only one cylinder shaped bead will take up the same amount of space on a necklace as three or four disk shaped beads.

    4.  Cube.  These are square little beads.  They will give any piece of jewelry a more structured look.  They are square on all four sides and take up a little more room than a disk shaped bead and a little less room than a cylinder shaped bead.

    5.  Elbow.  This particular shape of bead is more unorthodox than the others.  It essentially looks like a triangle, or the way that your arm looks when you bend your elbow forty-five degrees.

    6.  Flat.  They look exactly what they sound like.  To think of it another way, think of a disk shaped bead that has been turned the other way and you have a flat bead.

    These are the six common types of glass beads wholesale.


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    One of the most important things that every water damage restoration company goes by is that there should always be a very thorough water damage cleanup process that takes place.  Take a moment to ask yourself what you would do if you were ever in a situation where you suspected that the water damage that took place in your facility and or home was having a lot of problems because there was not a proper method that was put into place when the water damage cleanup process took place.  There is probably 98% of our population that would agree that they would not be happy if they were ever put in a situation such as this.  No one likes to have their properties be ruined because of water damage, let along improper water damage cleanup.

    There are some things in life that some people may think that it may not be as important to them to find a good solution for.  However, there is one thing known as water damage that needs to be taken seriously.  There needs to be a good water damage cleanup plan that is put into place after any type of water damage that has occurred.

    One of the most crucial things that need to be taken care of in a water damage cleanup process is the water.  This may sound like it is just common sense, however, this has such a high importance.  Something like water can cause a lot of damage.  The worst part is that it can take just a small amount of time for the water to cause a large amount of damage.  Water can travel very quickly.  It seeps through the smallest cracks, can get into the foundation of the building or home, and will sit in that location that it lands until it is all soaked up by whatever is surrounding it.

    Have you ever heard of mold damage?  If you have not, this is what can occur when the water that stayed in the locations where it landed from the water leak.  The water will make the surrounding area moist, therefore causing the formation of mold.  Whenever there is mold involved, things are about to get real serious.  The reason for this is because mold is something that many people have allergies too.  It can also cause illnesses in the human body if they are exposed to mold formations.  Rainbow International is a company that is certified in performing mold removal.  The proper mold removal techniques will be something that is absolutely necessary in order to not have health risks occur from the mold formation.

    The water damage cleanup will need to completely remove any water that has ran through the foundations of the properties that were involved with the water leak.  If there is ever a concern that there is still places that were affected by the water damage, there should always be a proper water damage cleanup performed in that area.  Do not try take the easy way out of this.

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    http://www.turner-industries.com/About-TurnerMany of the industries in the United States and around the world rely a great deal on piping.  Put in simplest terms, piping is the art of using pipes to transport substances, mainly liquids, from one location to another.  The most simple type of piping is in homes, and it mostly works to bring water into the home and take water out of it.  However, piping in industry takes on a whole new form.  Industries like oil refining, chemical production, and energy distribution use complex piping systems to create their products.  If you have ever been inside an oil refinery, then you have seen one of the most complex piping systems in the world.  It seems like there are millions of pipes, all running from one place to another by zigzagging across one another.  Each one of these pipes is carrying a substance that is needed in the process of refining oil.  In order for companies to be able to have all of these different pipes that they need, someone has to make them.  The art of making pipes that are used in different chemical and industrial processes is known as pipe fabrication.  Pipe fabricators make pipes and then sell and install them for different industrial facilities around the world.  When it comes to this art, one company stands tall above their competition.  Turner Industries is the best pipe fabrication company in the United States.

    Turner Industries has facilities all throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States.  Their locations have been picked strategically so that they are able to serve as many areas as possible throughout the region.  It makes sense that they are located in this part of the country, as it is the part of the country with the most industrial refineries.  The Gulf Coast relies heavily on petrochemical and chemical facilities.  Their economy depends greatly on it.

    For each project that Turner Industries takes on, their staff have an average of twenty-five years of experience.  In other words, their staff have worked on just about every type of industrial facility you could think of.  This experience allows them to identify potential issues, perform maintenance checks, and construct facilities that are always up to the standards of their clients.

    In terms of pipe fabrication, there is no company in the country that can handle the job as well as they can.  Because of their location, they have fabricated pipes for all types of industrial facilities.  This allows them to anticipate the needs of their clients and always deliver the perfect type of piping on time and within budget.  No matter what industrial processes you are going to be using the piping for, they can create it for you.

    In addition to all of these things, Turner Industries also values safety.  Above all else, their goal is to make sure that their staff are safe and the facility they are building or the piping they are fabricating is safe for the facility.  For all of these reasons, they are the best pipe fabricators in the United States.

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    Artistic and otherwise creative types are well known for falling into two different categories. On one end of the spectrum are those who become wildly successful, such as famous musicians and artists. On the other end of the spectrum are most of those who have not made it big, and most of them never will. The stereotype is that they are starving artists and will struggle their whole lives until they either give it up or strike it big. A very small fraction of them will go on to become famous movie stars or rock bands, but what is often ignored is the middle of the spectrum. Many of these artists and others who like to create can be successful while not giving up the thing they love to do the most, if they simply consider thinking about their art in a slightly different way. Here is a handful of career paths that an artist can take while still being able to use their creativity and be successful – besides becoming a famous artist.

    • Illustrator – Turning a love for drawing and painting into illustrating books can be quite lucrative. This can take a little bit of work to crack into, but finding an entry level job or internship can help an artist pay their dues and establish a portfolio. Finding an author and developing a relationship with them can help as well, so make sure to treat each book you end up working on as though that is the one that will make or break your career.
    • Welding – The demand for custom welding is only on the rise and looks poised to stay that way. As more and more people become aware of options available to them when they are designing their homes, businesses, or office buildings, artists skilled in metal design can establish themselves solidly in this space. Websites such as www.denverweld.com look for staff with expertise and experience in sheet metal design, and that can be gained through an apprenticeship, elective courses, or other worksheet metal design experience.
    • Art teacher – Finding the right school or program is key to making this job a lucrative one. Most teachers in general are underpaid in the United States, and art teachers are no different. But finding a position at a well regarded school of arts can be a different story, particularly if you were able to attend one as a student. Becoming a mentor and educator to up and coming young artists is a valuable and rewarding career, and can be incredibly rewarding even if a person does not make that much money at it. Teaching in general is satisfying and despite the pay, has some of the highest job satisfaction ratings in the country. Molding young minds is truly one of the most impactful things that an adult can do as a career, and teaching art is no different than teaching biology or social sciences in that respect. Inspiring in them a love of learning and of different perspectives helps everyone raise a better generation of children.
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    data analysis consultingData is, in one way or another, at the heart of nearly any massive undertaking.  For this reason, large businesses and institutions need ways to compile huge quantities of data, very quickly.  More importantly, once they have compiled all of this data, they need to be able to discern useful information, from it, that they can apply, in order to fix mistakes and minimize inefficiency.  Depending on the industry in question, this can not only save millions of dollars, it can even increase safety, in certain cases.  This is because the information ascertained from data analysis can be used to reduce dangerous or unsafe practices that you would likely not have discovered, otherwise.  Because of the incredible importance of applying this information, many large institutions hire top data scientists, for data analysis consulting.  The firm, Mosaic Data Science, is one of the best names in data science consulting, specializing in various different large-scale and highly technical industries.

    Data science is one of the most crucial fields of study, when it comes to helping large institutions, networks, companies, or organizations keep track of and understand all of the data they are dealing with.  After all, due to modern practices, everything is compiled, in digital form, so truly gargantuan amounts of data can be accumulated.  Nonetheless, though anyone can acquire the technology to store and accumulate all of this data, few have the ability to even sort through it all, much less actually make sense of it.  So, the goal of data analysis, at least in a general sense, is to extract actual information from your data, which can then be applied, to making your company or institution more efficient, safe, or functional, in some way.  In many cases, there may be specific problems, for which the data scientists are performing this analysis.  If this is the case, they will focus attention on extracting information relevant to solving the specific issues, for which you have hired them.  Of course, in many cases, other inefficiencies or issues are discovered, which can be remedied, as well.  In this way, having a reputable analytics consulting firm can help your company or institution in far-reaching ways, some of which you may not even be able to foresee.  Logistically, if you are running a large and far-reaching institution, analytics consulting can be one of the best things you can invest in.

    Specifically, data analysis can be useful in industries that are largely technical and deal with huge networks, of one kind or another.  Examples are medicine, air traffic, communications, and finance.  All of these industries necessitate the coordination of countless individuals and devices, which can be extraordinarily complicated.  Furthermore, it is in fields, such as these, that data analysis can make the biggest difference, as the larger the scale you are dealing with, the greater the chances for major errors to occur.  Similarly, eliminating these errors also has the potential to make the biggest difference, which is why analytics consulting can be so helpful, for large, multi-faceted institutions.

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    We all have heard a lot about these trendy new “vape pens” that people are talking about. Whether we have smoked out of one or not, it is clear that there is a lot to be discussed when it comes to vape pens. Are they really better for you than cigarettes? Can you make the switch and end up reversing the damaging impacts of cigarette smoke on your lungs? Is it alright that teenagers are turning to vape pens instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes? While it is certainly not beneficial to the tobacco industry, one thing is for sure: vape pens are a widely popular smoking accessory and there are a lot of ways that these kind of pipes are taking over when it comes to smoking. In order to better understand vape pens, it is helpful to understand the anatomy of the vape pen and what exactly is inside the vape pen. This will help you have a clearer picture of the things that are going on inside of a vape pen and help you make an educated decision about these pens and whether or not they are the right choice for you.

    To begin with, most vape pens have a cylindrical shape, although there have been a few http://www.blownsmoke.comenterprising developers who have created vape pens and electronic cigarettes in other shapes. While the very first vape pens tended to look like a tobacco cigarette and mimicked a cigarette or cigar in form, the modern versions of vape pens are less tobacco centric. The most advanced vape pens have better battery capacity, better nicotine dispersal systems, and have many different forms in order to best serve their functions. In many cases, the composition of the vape pen includes replaceable parts that are interchangeable among brands. Components include a liquid delivery system and a container system, an atomizer, as well as the power source.

    The atomizer in a vape pen is the part of the vape pen that changes the liquid cartridge into the vapor that can be inhaled. The atomizer, then, has a heating element in addition to a wicking material that pulls the liquid towards the heating element in order to vaporize it. This truly is the part of the vape pen that makes the biggest difference, so be sure to get a vape pen with a high quality atomizer. For example, an atomizer that is different from the one you are used to using can impart different levels and concentrations of ingredients. The cartomizer in your vape pen holds the e-liquid and makes it easier for the vape pen to distribute the vapor. Your battery powered source is also important, because you depend on this battery power to last as long as you are away from a charging unit. Many batteries for vape pens can be charged via USB port, making it easier than ever to keep your vape pen alive and well. Visit www.blownsmoke.com to find a great vape pen and other smoking accessories in Denver so that you too can experience the new phenomenon that is vape pens!

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    Getting a new home addition added to any part of your home is an exciting process. Whether you are adding a kitchen addition or perhaps a bathroom addition, you need to be prepared for the steps that the builders will be engaging in in order to set your expectations accordingly. After all, this project is different than one in which you are not living in the same space as the one that is being worked on. With a home remodel, you will be existing in the same space as the construction project, so being aware of what is going to happen is helpful. For this reason it is also important to pick a high quality home remodeling company. Landis Architects/Builders does home remodeling better than most, and this is because of their realistic planning and budgeting. Landis Architects/Builders can help you with a remodeling project that really makes sense for your home, for your budget, and for your dreams. Moreover, they are committed to making homes more energy efficient as part of their remodeling work, so you can rely on Landis Architects/Builders to help you with your perfect remodeling project! Here are some of the steps in the remodeling process that you should be aware of before your home addition is underway:

    • Phase One- The Schematic: In this first step of your home additions process, the Landis experts start with a site analysis in order to gauge the current conditions of your home. This phase also includes zoning research, historic preservation research, and other requirements that might keep you from finishing the project in the exact way that you originally hoped. You will also get a detailed representation of the schematic design, which is essentially an outline of your home addition project in its most basic form.
    • Phase Two- Design: Once you approve the schematic plans, the team at Landis starts with the design for your home addition. This involves securing permits, revisiting the budgetary estimates, and further developing the site plan to include the suppliers of materials, subcontractors, and project http://www.landisconstruction.com/managers.
    • Phase Three- Documents: At this point, all of the final plans will be assembled, including final detail drawings, plumbing plans, electrical plans, etc. The project manager is officially given the contract language and the formal construction plans and contract are in motion!
    • Phase Four- It begins!: Finally, your construction project begins here. Your personal construction team and project manager will work hard to create that perfect home addition for you, and your Project Manager becomes your point of contact for all your communication and concerns regarding your project. The beauty of working with just one point person is that your questions are more efficiently answered and your project is completed more thoroughly.

    Once all these phases have been completed, you will be happily looking at your new home addition, whether that is the perfect kitchen addition or perhaps your perfect bathroom addition. When you work with Landis Architects/Builders you will find that it truly is easy to achieve the home remodel of your dreams. You will not be left wondering how your project will be completed; you can trust the experts at Landis!

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    green architectsToday, there is a homebuilding trend, in many areas, that focuses on designing homes specifically for the needs of those who are going to live there.  Instead of building a bunch of generic houses, in these cases, architects take the time to specially design the home, to the specifications of the person who is going to live there.  Obviously, this service takes a few years and has the potential to cost more than a pre-made house, but the results can be amazing.  One great option, when it comes to having a house designed, to your specifications, is that you can design a house that is environmentally-friendly.  In fact, there are even green architects, who specialize in precisely this.  One such eco-friendly architecture firm is Darby Architects, at http://www.darbyarchitects.com/, which serves Vail and the rest of the Rocky Mountain area of Colorado.

    If you are going to go to the trouble of having your own custom home designed, in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain region, you might as well have it be eco-friendly.  There are several practical reasons, in addition to the obvious ethical ones.  For one thing, if you have the intention of enjoying the scenic beauty that the region has to offer, it is in your best interest to leave the area as undisturbed as possible, in as many ways as possible.  That is why everything from your electrical setup to your plumbing system can be set up to be both environmentally-friendly and luxurious.  With Darby Architects, the finest Vail architect firm, you can have a home that is tremendously luxurious, that still uses minimal energy and damages the land as little as possible.  Through the combination of modern technology and architecture techniques, and an innovative and precise methodology, for designing homes, Darby Architects can create the most exquisite, eco-friendly luxury homes.  This is a blend that is relatively rare, in the world of architects, though it is becoming less so.  Eco-friendly architecture is part of a growing trend, in society at large, to become more responsible for humanity’s impacts on the planet.  If you have the ability to make decisions to reduce your carbon footprint, as they say, why not do so?  At least, that is the attitude of Darby Architects, as well as other pioneers in eco-friendly luxury architecture.

    Though many of us may not think of it, architecture is actually one of the biggest ways in which humans can reduce their negative impact, on the world around them.  While there is always much talk about alternative modes of transportation, it is through the heating, cooling, and lighting of our homes that a great deal of energy is wasted.  Furthermore, with many areas still relying on coal, oil, or natural gas, as the primary means of generating electricity, saving electricity is a good thing.  The less of these fossil fuels that get burnt, the better.  So, instead of trading in your four-wheel drive, which you may end up needing, in the mountains of Colorado, why not invest in a sustainable design architect, instead?

  • Oh no! It’s happened to you. Maybe it’s happened to you again for the second or tenth time and every time prior to this you’ve managed to get away without having to call an emergency locksmith. Locking yourself out of your car, home or business can be one of the worst, helpless feelings. We feel shock, panic and then confusion as to what to do next or who to call. Sometimes these events happen at odd hours of the night or early mornings. Thus causing further distress over who to call or what to do.

    Some folks are timid to call locksmiths for many reasons. Either they feel like don’t know a reliable or trustworthy locksmith (because they’ve never tried to find one), or they are worried they may be ripped off or stood up by a con man. They even may think a locksmith wouldn’t find their situation an emergency and tell them they can’t help or that they will have to wait a while. Whatever the reason, it’s not a reasonable one. Calling a professional locksmith is the safest and quickest way to gain access to either your car, home or business. A locksmith who specializes in emergencies will be available 24 hours a day seven days a week to respond to your lockout emergency. For example, you may have locked yourself out of your car and find yourself only discoEmergency Locksmithvering this at two o’clock in the morning, or you locked yourself out of your house, with no reasonable way to retrieve an extra key. Additionally, even business owners and employees could potentially find themselves keyless by mistake and have to open their business urgently or the lingering customers will never return due to inconvenience.

    Don’t weigh the irrational options that are sweeping through your mind when faced with this type of dilemma. None of those options will be a better solution than calling an emergency locksmith. Not only do professional locksmiths have the right tools and knowledge to address the different type of locking mechanisms found in cars, homes or buildings, but they pride themselves on quality and efficient service in the event of emergencies like these. Emergency locksmiths provide these services for a reason. Because people need it and they actually need it more often than you think. Your lockout situation is no different or less important than the next persons. However unique it is, a professional locksmith will arrive promptly and know what do and bring the right equipment to do the job.

    Next time you find yourself avoiding the easy task of reaching out to an emergency locksmith, weigh the options and potential outcomes (or lack thereof) of not calling one. The damage and monetary result of your choice could be an additional dilemma you will have to deal with after the fact. You will more than likely realize there is no benefit in trying to solve the problem on your own and the only thing you will be accomplishing is a lot of wasted time and energy. Trust your professional emergency locksmith to do the job right.

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    In its infancy, dental marketing was as simple as one person in a community telling another person about their own dentist. In the past dentist were not as common as they now are today. In an averaged sized American city there might only be ten or fifteen dentists for the entire population. The dental industry was also by and large operated out of the homes of those who needed dental care. As dental school started to become more and more prominent in the country and more dentist started to emerge, the industry started changing fast. The country no longer saw dentistry as a luxury and it was becoming a standard part of the health of the American citizen. As the need for dentists started to increase faster  than the number of dentist who were practicing, the dental workers set up shop in offices and the house call became less common. There was still little need for dentists to advertise, beyond the large signs that hung in front of their offices.

    By the late 70’s there were more dentists studying to get their license than there were dentist actively practicing in the whole country. The age of competition was closing in on the dental world and it was clear that it was no longer going to be as easy as just hanging a sign to win over clients. Dental ads started to appear in local newspapers and on radio advertisements across the country. More and more money was being dedicated to trying to win new clients and broaden the patient base. By the 80’s, dentists on average were dedicating almost one tenth of their annual revenues to advertising. The age of dental marketing was under way.

    Things remained largely unchanged in terms of advertising methods until the internet era picked up pace and moved the realm of dental marketing into the online world. People in the industry stopped spending money on radio slots, newspaper ads, and TV commercials and started to focus all their attention of creating better online advertisings and stronger online presence. The majority of the initial web based advertising money was placed into dentist web design. There was a full out race to see who could create the best and most captivating websites on the web. Dentists spent considerable funds on hiring professional web designers to create sites for them. However, the new race for internet websites that could bring in all the business soon slowed down as more people began to create their own sites and before long no matter what the size of the dental practice or the amount of money they had, anyone could afford a good website.

    The competition was to now stay onto of the online search engines and social media pages. Dental seo took hold of the ad campaigns and people started to pay good money to make sure that their website was not falling into the quickly growing internet world. Up to the current day, dental seo remains one of the most important factors for the dental world’s online advertisings.

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    When dealing with carpet stains and carpet stain removal you can’t always have a professional on and when they occur. It is important that you try to deal with them as best as possible as soon as possible to be able to minimize the effect that a stinking occurred on the carpet. carpet cleaners If something has spilled on the carpet and you need to take care of it quick action is needed. The least amount of time that the liquid or spilled item should sits in the carpet the less it is likely to stain. One of the first steps you want to do to be able to help prevent stains on the carpet is to clean up the stain immediately. Gapping on the liquid with a cloth that is going to suck out the liquid is important. Whether it is a paper towel or cloth be sure that you suck up as much liquid as possible.do not scrub the floor and rub it in further or spread it. Also adding a large amount of liquid can spread the stain out further as well. Applying a proven stain removal do your carpet can help to pull it out and be able to debit by moving the stain in word and not outward.

    If you cannot fully get the stain out to be sure that you do get a carpet cleaning service out there to help with the carpet stain removal as soon as possible. Many times they have chemicals and liquids that they are able to use that are very professional basis and they will be able to get deeper richer clans in your carpet. I being able to get rid of the stain you better protect your carpet and you’re able to keep it in your home for a longer amount of time without having to replace it. Having a stain on a nice rug can be very damaging. It can be an eyesore and you are only left with a solution to either put something over it to hide it or replace the carpet entirely. Being able to do this can be very troublesome so being able to clean no stains takes quick action inability to have a carpet cleaning service coming to your home and take care of it right away. You’ll be able to have it professionally done to be able to get those stains out as best as possible. Be sure that you speak with your carpet cleaners about carpet stain removal soon as possible to ensure that you’re going to have the best results. The more time that stain sits in carpet the more it is likely to attach itself to the carpet. Working with professional carpet cleaning services is very important to be able to help you deal with all aspects of the home. Even if you have stains that have gotten on pieces of furniture like your upholstery it’s important to have your carpet cleaners called to be able to help with that as well.

    Most carpet cleaners are very experienced with upholstery cleaning and know what to do to be able to get your upholstery cleaned out properly as well. We will be able to walk you through the best solutions to help you know what is best for your upholstery carpet and for your rugs. Trust their professional service to be able to get you the necessary action needed to help you with all of your stain removals.

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    Event planning in general is a fun industry, with some of the highest reported rates of job satisfaction. Event planners tend to be very organized, great at multi-tasking, and have excellent people skills that allow them to both sell themselves to clients and develop relationships with vendors along the way on whom they can call when they need something particular. It can also be quite pricey to hire an event planner, so we did the next best thing. Gathered here are the top hints from the best event planners in the area, all in one place for you to use when planning your next event.

    1. Location – It matters. Take your event venue selection very seriously, for a variety of reasons. You want to be able to have a back-up plan in the event of troublesome weather at an event that is scheduled for an outdoor event venue. You also want to be very careful of the size of the party you are allowed to have there, as many event venues are going to have capacities at or around one hundred people. Depending on the party you are throwing, you may need a larger or much smaller space, if you need it to feel cozier for thirty people. You also need to consider where your guests are located and how they are going to travel there. If it is only accessible via automobile wedding cateringand you will be serving alcohol, consider hiring a shuttle service as part of your event planning process.
    2. Food – This is also extremely important, and often, is related to the location. Certain event venues allow you to only use their pre-approved catering list. Others will allow you to bring in your own event caterer or other vendors for an additional fee, and there is yet another group who will allow you to use any vendor you would like as long as they are properly insured. Sorting all of this out ahead of time can save some major confusion and headaches down the road when you discover you can only choose from two vendors and you do not like either of them. Getting that straightened out in the beginning will help, and then you can turn to vendors such as Bella Donna Catering for your food needs. They can handle party sizes of up to several hundred people as long as you plan in advance, so once you have the date and location sorted out, be sure to get on their calendar of events.
    3. Ask a friend – Depending on your role in the event itself, you might not be able to do much of the “day of” stuff. For example, if it is a wedding and you are the bride, running around paying vendors is going to be the last thing on your mind. Ask a friend who is not in the wedding to help you out with the tasks that have to happen on the day of the event and make sure you provide her with that list of tasks well before the day of.
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    We live in a culture where there are certain beauty ideals that a woman needs to live up to. Those ideals are formed by various different factors and while we might be opposed to some of those ideals we still want to feel like we fit in this world and there is nothing wrong with that. One of the ideals that are put upon woman is that they shouldn’t grow hair in any permanent hair removal place but their head and their eyebrows. We know that women actually grow hair, well, almost anywhere a man grows hair. If you are a woman who is looking to have less hair in those places than laser hair removal might be an excellent option for you. Until then let’s list the different places where woman grow hair and “shouldn’t.”

    1. Around your eyebrows. You are certainly allowed to have arm pit hair, but you aren’t supposed too much of it. It needs to be stay in a certain shape. Plucking can be exhausting and time consuming so you might want to consider permanent hair removal.

    2. Woman lips are supposed to be colored, plump and hairless! However many women know that is not hair our faces naturally are. Women can grow hair on their lips just like men but they certainly aren’t supposed to.

    3. Chin hair is not uncommon in women and it can become more and more prominent as you get older. If you would like to avoid those unsightly black hair consider getting permanent hair removal to avoid incessant plucking or God forbid shaving.

    4. This might be the most obvious but women are not supposed to have leg hair. Women spend time shaving their legs everyday to keep them smooth and silky. They spend a considerable amount of money on it too to get the right razors and shaving cream.

    5. This is second most obvious place: arm pits. Women are certainly not supposed to have arm pit hair. This can be difficult because arm pits are particularly sensitive and repeated shaving can cause painful rashes. This is certainly a place to consider laser hair removal.

    6. While women are allowed to have arm hair, they are not allowed to have arms that are extremely hairy. This can be a hard one to navigate. Are my arms too heavy? Should I shave them?

    7. Women certainly are not supposed to have hairy feet and hairy toes yet a lot of women do. I’d say most. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to shave your toes and feet.

    8. A woman’s back can certainly get hairy. Shaving your back is not an easy feat. Waxing is certainly an option but it is suggested that you just get permanent hair removal.

    9. Okay, it has to be said. Pubic hair. There are a lot of options about what woman’s pubic hair should look like. Bushy? Landing strip? Completely bald? Either way pesky hair that creeps down to your thigh can be unsightly and certainly doesn’t feel sexy. Getting a bikini wax hurts like the dickens so why not just get permanent hair removal?

    10. Women also grow hair on their hands and knuckles. Shaving that can be risky so get laser hair removal!

    If you are looking to get laser hair removal and you live in the Denver area then there is no better place to go then Raval MD. Call today and schedule your appointment.

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    Remember the good old days of the brick phone? Man that was the life, right? When we were first coining the phrases of “texting” and “googling”. Adults were always snapping at teens, “There is no such things as texting. That isn’t a word.” Well look who’s laughing now. We were just texting a moment ago. You know it’s a word when your Word document doesn’t give it a little red squiggle underline. That’s when you know you’ve made it, well, if healthcare marketingyou are an aspiring word. In fact there are lots of things that have changed a lot in the last 15 years. Remember dial up? Who doesn’t remember dial up that over the age of 20? Can’t you still remember the dance that you had to the sound of getting connected online? Or maybe it was a harmonizing tune? Or maybe that was just you covering your ears with a pillow so eager to get online so you could log into AOL Instant Messenger and chat with your latest crush and then of course your best girl friends you just got off the phone with. Now that’s old school too. We don’t have any need for AIM any more because we have things like google chat, Facebook chat, Twitter, Instagram and then all of these other handy social media apps like Voxer and Snapchat. With so much technological change in the past fifteen years it is imperative for you to keep up, especially if you are a business.

    If you are an individual you can make a decision about how long you are going to hold out before you are forced to get a smart phone by cellular provider but as a business it’s not really a great idea to hold out. When everyone else’s worlds are happening on the internet then the best business choice for you to make is to get online too. And no, Compuserve doesn’t count. Heck hotmail hardly counts anymore! What is imperative for you as a person is to establish a social media presence, become visible on search engines so people can google you (see it’s a legit verb) and of course make sure your website is up to par.

    There are comprehensive digital marketing businesses out there that are made to help your business keep up with the times. Healthcare Marketing Gurus is one such company. They specialize in helping healthcare companies have the strongest healthcare search engine optimization (SEO), healthcare website design and then of course also help build a strong and hip social media presence. Everything is happening on line these days and so is marketing. It’s time to use that ol’ phone book as kindling people, or I guess as a furnace, because you don’t have a need for it anymore. Your comprehensive healthcare marketing plan need only have three words, not a whole book and those three words are Healthcare Marketing Gurus. They will transform your business from the stone ages, or brick ages if we are circling back to the brick phone, up to 2014 where we only think fondly -or not so fondly- about dial up.